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More About Porcelain Pavers for Your Pool & Patio

We have Porcelain Pavers in all sizes large and small. From 12×12, 12×18, 12×36, 18×36, 16×48, 20×20, 24×24, 32×32, 24×36, 20×40, and 24×48 and so on. Each of our exterior pavers are 2 CM and have grip to help with non-slipping when wet and on pool decks. Not only do these pavers have a strong hold grip but they also have a heavy texture, class A fire rating, and are made in the USA.

These 2 CM pavers can be thin-set, mud-set, or sand-set. In addition we do carry Porcelain Tiles with special grip technology and they are 4 mm to 2 mm, most sizes offered.

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