Modern Cabinets

Palermo Alpine Series

Palermo Alpine Series Gloss White

The sought after look of our Palermo high gloss door is the perfect detail for upscale living. This polished effect beautifully add a glistening aesthetic to contemporary minimalism.

Torino Alpine Series

Torino Alpine Series Dark Wood

The textured wood grain lines of the Torino slab door offer and organic accent to any contemporary room. Seamless installation of this door’s design will please the eye with clean symmetry. With a Dark Wood, Grey Wood, and a White Pine melamine, Tornio is available for any color palate.

Torina Series Grey Wood

Torina Series Grey Wood

Capturing the high end look of frameless styling affordably is what the new Torina line was developed for. Using the trendy but classic color and texture of natural tones, it is an efficient choice for your designs.

Modern Cabinets for Modern Kitchens & Bathrooms

Modern kitchens tend to edge more toward functionality, offering tons of usable storage space and very user-friendly countertops. Design is typically sleek, using hard edges and economical design to make the cabinets feel more compact and “set in place.”  Many materials are used in modern design, from wood to metal, and even to incorporating a considerable measure of glass. We would tend to say modern kitchens are very functional, and great for a busier kitchen.


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