Porcelain Tile Flooring

Armani Grey

Diamante Combo

Fire Black Porcelain Floor Tile

Panda Porcelain Floor Tile

Sahara Black Porcelain Tile

Statuario Classic

Italian Porcelain Floor Tile For Sale

Luxurious imported porcelain tile. Ninety percent of the premium tiles are imported from Italy, with the other 10 percent coming from Spain. Other tiles choices are coming from Arizona, New Jersey, India and Israel. There are countless finishes and textures, from wood look to marble, to choose from, including complementary mosaic tiles for most collections.

In addition to standard flooring sizes we carry larger tiles in: ” 32”x32”, 32”x64”, & 48”x48”.

For those who are trying to make eco-friendly purchases, we recommend checking out the green tile line. Made from partially recycled materials, these tiles are not just beautiful, but also help you help the world!

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