Backsplash Tile

Antique 2×8 Mirror

Dover Elyptic Diamond

Cherries Jubilee 1×1

Cool Runnings Combo

Antique Copper 1×4

Gun Metal 3D Dimes 2

Gun Metal 3D Dimes

Gun Metal Rolling Hexagon

Shelburne Elyptic Diamond

Stainless Steel Windmill & Whisper Gray 3×6

Cascadia Fault Line

Gold Shimmer Linear

Mount Wrangell Herringbone

Oak Creek Faultline

Sand Ridge Linear

Sutherland Falls Rockfall

Trevi Fountain 1×1 Offset

Trevi Fountain 1×1 Offset

Yukon Range Herringbone

Green Squares



Glass And More



Brown Marble


Blue Brick




Unparalleled Backsplash Designs

On display in the showroom we have a large selection of mosaics and subway tiles that feature glass, mirror, metal, and seashell designs.  If you are looking for more custom options we have many samples of mosaic tiles that are customizable and made-to-order.

In addition to those, we also offer a Color Solutions program that allows you to custom order glass tile according to paint color, and a Design-Play-Create Mosaic Creator that gives you the ability to design a mosaic from scratch.

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